Thursday, June 23, 2016

Something in the Closet?

The monster under the bed
is bored.
The slime creature in the closet
is filing his…slime.
The zombies in the graveyard
are bonking into each other.

The ghosts have dropped their
chains and just watch TV.
The werewolves are looking into
real estate in a “nice” neighborhood.
The vampires are on a strict
vegan diet. 

The Creature from the Black Lagoon
is considering relocating to Clear Lake.
Dr. Frankenstein is a share holder in a
pharmaceutical manufacturer.
His monster is on the board of

The Mummy is gathering dust
in the museum, in a dust pan, he works there.
The Demons of ancient lore have a
reality show and production takes up
way too much time for possessions.
You’ve probably seen it.

The terrors of the past have
nothing left to do. So they sit,
looking into retirement communities,
checking their 401k’s, and hoping
the damn grand-kids might call
and tell them how scary the world really is.  

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