Tuesday, March 28, 2017

That Song

When that one song comes
on the radio or jukebox,
iPad, iPod, Walkman, what have
you, and you snap to attention.

That one song, the one that
gives you a warm shiver through
your whole body, the one that
makes you smile.

The one song, at the first beat,
you recognize instantly as something
akin to how you feel inside. How your
soul must feel, while basking in joy.

The song that makes you shush the room
so you can hear that one little part that
makes your heart pump a little harder,
a little more full.

It’s that song that makes your eyes
tear up with some unconscious joy,
and you wipe the tear away and think,
“Jeeze, why does this awesome song make me cry?”

That song gives you chills, your hair stands
on end, it feels electric and alive, like you could
dance with it instead of to it. It’s holding out
it’s hand for you to take.

The song that’s a bolt of clarity, that you
sing along with, close your eyes and nod
your head with the beat, and makes you
wish for that sort of peace all the time.

It’s that song that I want when I look into a
lovers eyes, it’s that feeling I want when
she looks at mine. That electric, buzzing,
sparking feel that soothes rather than singes.

I do believe in that spark, like a song that
you are certain will be one of your
favorites for all of your days, a love
should effect you in the same way.

That song is a tattoo, emblazoned,
on your heart, your head, your soul,
and embraces you as a lover,
comfortable with your terrible dance moves.  

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