Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Lights Upstairs

I’m struggling to understand
why the lights aren’t on upstairs.

I’m pretty sure there are people
up there, but I’ve no idea what they’re doing.

Because there’s no lights on.

They seem to be bumbling around,
in the dark, bumping heads, like coconuts.

I don’t know why they won’t just strike
a match, turn on a light or otherwise illuminate.

I’m mystified as to the darkness upstairs.
And why no one can get in there.

But it’s crowded with people, in the dark,
mumbling nonsense from the shadows.

I tried sending a flashlight to them
as part of an aid package.

They ate all the crackers, but sent the
flashlight back along with the flashlight instructions.

Which had the words, “Witch Craft” scrawled
across them, in blood.

I don’t know why the lights aren’t on
upstairs. I’m not sure who’s in charge.

Maybe they don’t either, because
it’s too dark to see, in the upstairs. 

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