Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bus Ride

With a morning full of
promise and sunshine
it was so odd to find
myself under a bus.

I hadn’t planned on
being dragged through
town or laughed at
by cruel children.

It happened so fast
and I wasn’t wearing
a helmet so now not
only is my ass sore
but I’m also a bit dazed.

The bus driver didn’t
know how badly I was
run over. He was too busy
trying to look up a pretty
girl’s skirt to see me out
for a lovely morning stroll.

I tumbled and rolled
all over the asphalt,
dodging potholes and
landmines and steamy
piles of dog poop.

When the ride finally
ended and I could stand
up, I saw the faces of the
other riders all in the same
place as me.  

We nodded and cried.
Licked our wounds and
waited for the next
bus ride.

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