Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I MacArthured it

Thanks for your patience while I took a little personal time to recharge the old batteries. I needed a few days off from the monstrosities of this bone grinding insurance work. So like Douglas MacArthur, I have returned. Of course he wanted to reclaim the Philippines. I just need to continue to receive a paycheck, it’s a little different. I didn’t meet any old lady billionaires willing to sponsor me as an artist or win the drunken lottery so I had no choice but to return to work.  

While I was off I did have some time to think of or hear some interesting new ideas for future articles. My favorite so far has to be, “Robots don’t eat cookies”. I’m not sure who said it or why, but I did write it down on a cocktail napkin fully anticipating it will eventually find its way into an article or title of an article. Of course I heard that phrase at a bar and I’m sure the context is lost to the rivers of liquor I managed to consume while allegedly relaxing.

I also caught up on a little light magazine reading all about the history of The Holy Land and the inherent similarities between Judaism, Islam and Christianity. LIFE magazine can still manage to put out some pretty interesting stuff every once in a while. So I did spend a little time this long weekend expanding my mind while simultaneously destroying my brain with booze. At least I managed to stay dry Sunday and Monday.

So now that I’m back at work, back in the regular nonsense I call a job, trying not to get overly frustrated with the insane and constant demands of the greedy or unsubstantiated needs of the generally annoying public. I’d love this job if I didn’t have to deal with any people.

So, that being said, I must get to it. I received 60 e-mails in two days that I will have to respond to along with voicemail messages and the usual crap I have to go through. So if there are any old lady billionaires that I missed out on that happen to enjoy reading this and are looking to establish themselves as a benefactor or patron of the arts (I’m looking at you Guggenheim’s) I’m totally down for it. Although I might have to become an artist first. 

Always something.  

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  1. Dearest M -
    I took Monday off, one day, and I had 94 emails.
    I feel your pain.