Monday, April 30, 2012

Hoping each leap will be the leap home…

Today marks the 223 anniversary of the swearing in of George Washington as President of the United States. George was not, however technically, our “first President”.  In 1775 John Hanson was elected to the Provincial Legislature of Maryland. Then in 1777, he became a member of Congress. He was then elected President in 1781 under America’s first attempt at self government under the Articles of Confederation. His role is under scrutiny though as he may have had as much, “power”, as something like the head of a board of directors. By 1789 George Washington was the man and he was unanimously elected our first President under the new U. S. Constitution.  

Today also marks the conclusion of the deal for the Louisiana Purchase with the French.  209 years ago we made one of the largest land purchases in history for the low cost of about 3 cents an acre. It was really quiet a steal and successfully doubled the size of the United States. Thanks France.

A mere 67 years ago Adolph Hitler killed himself in his bunker. His death marked the end of the War in Europe.  The war was essentially over for the Germans at that point anyway as they had been soundly defeated for the second time in one century.  

Speaking of the First World War, today also marks the 1917 Battle of the Boot. It was not a battle over footwear as you might have thought. It does however illustrate how long global conflicts have been going on in the Middle East. The Battle of the Boot took place at the end of the British army's Samarra Offensive. The British “defeated” the Turks, although a sandstorm had a lot to do with it. In 1917 General Maude defeated 13th Turkish Corps at Gorge of Shatt-el-Adhaim and Kifri. Why is this significant? You didn’t know about it; that’s why.

I love History. If it weren’t for History we’d just be stupid Eloi. Of course, there are a lot of Eloi out there as it is. And if you don’t know what an Eloi is, I suggest you look it up because then you’d be in on the joke and others will think you’re super cool. Don’t you want to be cool?  

In the great scheme of things, without history we’d really have no idea who we are and have no idea where we’re going. I’m glad to know my history and I’m not planning on repeating it.  Unless it involves an intimate or emotional relationship, then I’m all Quantum Leap.

Yes, nerds. You read that right and I think it’s a great line and I’m planning on adding it to our collective lexicon. So one day another guy will write about the great historical moment of April 30, 2012 as the day repeating history became known as Quantum Leaping.  

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  1. Quantum Leap! I loved that show.
    I actually do know what Eloi is.....