Friday, April 13, 2012


She looked at me like
I was infested with
some horror from
her childhood.

I was some sort of
abomination from
ancient history that
didn’t deserve the
seat next to her.

Her face was a
ghastly portrait of
how not to look at

She was disappointed.
She was upset.
She was boring.    

I seem to get that
look a lot. Even from
the faces that I know.

I sat and flipped through
the paper and tried not
to be hurt. Her face, her
pretty, evil face bothered me.

I’m too old and tired
to let that face get to me
on the train
in the morning
on a Friday.

It’s just another person
I’ll never know, who’ll
never know me
and it’ll never make
more noise than this

1 comment:

  1. maybe she just found out her significant other betrayed her trust and he may have had a striking resemblance to you