Monday, June 25, 2012

Take this job…

I’m not a quitter. We’ll that’s not exactly true. I have quit jobs in the past. In fact, I’m that guy who was in the meeting with the bosses who stood up and said, “F*ck it. I quit”. And walked out, to my desk, got my stuff and left. I was super happy to leave that awful job.  I had tried my hardest to do the best I could in a field I hated. But, when push comes to shove, you have to do the things that make you happy.

Working at my current employer has reached that very same level of unhappiness and frustration, however I’m older and have more financial responsibilities than those old walk out of work days. So I just can’t up and leave like I really want to. I am very close to doing it though. I have been berated, insulted, criticized, belittled, humiliated and robbed of any pride a person should have with their work. So this is a plea to my readers and my friends…

Anybody need a creative type of guy in their organization? I’m capable of working independently and I’m always willing to explore new and interesting ways of doing things. As long as they are reasonable, of course. I’m not saying I want to sell magazine subscriptions in Tanzania or something like that, but just a regular job, 9-5 thing where the pay is decent and the people are nice and no one is threatening to fire you because their perception of you is not the best.   

I am a hard worker, believe it or not. When I know what I’m doing and can see the full outcome, I give the job my everything. I usually work so hard and fast on it that I’m done before everyone else. I like to work. I know that seems hard to believe but I really do. I like that sense of purpose a job can give.

With 100% seriousness, I need a new job. So if anybody out there knows of something, please let me know. Thank you.

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