Thursday, June 21, 2012


A jackhammer pounded away,
crushing and splitting
the concrete
under my windows.

I was lucky though
to have been drinking,
heavily, the night before
and the pounding didn’t
bother me. Initially.

The sun. The violence of the
sun pushing its way
into my room so early,
Holding me up and taking
my sleep wallet.

The train. The crowds.
The incredibly beautiful women
walking to work downtown
and their sexy heels clacking on
the sidewalk.
The noise of the street.

Pulsating in my head.

The line for breakfast.
The coffee maker.
The keyboards clacking.

It’s violent.

The woman near me on the
“Sir, Sir, Sir, if I could just,… Sir!”
The noise is abusive and cruel.

I’d rather be sleeping and
dreaming in the quiet
fields of my imagination. 

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