Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back Breaker

It's been a busy morning. I've had two bosses hounding me to, "Re-Prioritize", some of the tasks I have ahead of me because clearly they think I'm a moron. I'm not sure when they got that impression. No wait, that's not true. I know exactly when. It was when the client said their perception of me was that I didn't seem to care about them. My employers sided with the perceptions of a client instead of using what then know about me after seven years at this stupid company.

Seven years and they don't trust me to do my job. That's the biggest insult there is. So I must re-prioritize my tasks because they told me to do it, even though I don't agree with the bosses or their claims handling abilities. One's a complete micro-manager who is nearly half blind and types with two fingers and the other has never handled a liability claim in her life. But they know better.

This is why I want to quit nearly every day of my life. It's a job. It's never been a career. So I can't devote this time to entertaining you, or myself, so I can do things I don't agree with and hate.

Find me another job public. Save us both.

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