Thursday, December 13, 2012


This morning my train ride
to work was quite vocal.
It was the most conversation
I’ve heard on a morning commute.
There was a lot of excitement
in people’s voices.

Jabber, Jabber
Jabber, Jabber
Law School.
Jabber, Jabber
Just a flu.

It was ceaseless for the
whole long ride. Waves
of different conversations
washing through the train
car like a day at the

There was a notable
optimism in the tone of
their voices, which again,
seemed very odd on a train
ride into work on a chilly
but sunny Thursday.

Rumble, Rumble
Express train.
Rumble, Rumble
Michigan Avenue
Rumble, Rumble
Physical Therapy

I wondered what the
tone would be later after
they’re all so exhausted
after I long day downtown.

Contented silence, perhaps?
All wrapped in red and green
bows, waiting to be placed
under a suburban Christmas tree. 

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