Friday, August 2, 2013

The Cuddle Effect

I wonder how soft

she is? Is her skin as

smooth as I imagine.

Is she ticklish?


What would her hands

feel like as they moved

over my body?

Would I get a tender

shiver since it’s been

so long?


Would her head resting

on my chest satisfy my

burning longing?


Can two people, locked in

an embrace really defeat the

terrors of the world for a few

precious moments?

Is the hug, the holding, really

the best part?


Swaying together in time to a

beat, a song, a rhythm,

hearts beating together.

The breathless listening to

each other’s bodies as a sway

turns into a kiss and a kiss

sets the world on fire.


The peaceful scent of

her hair as she nuzzles up

against my body.

I miss it.

I want it.  


I hold my breath.