Monday, July 20, 2015

Every Day is the First Day

Back in the working  world
and seeing all the
strange I’ve missed.
The things I haven’t
see in a long while.

The curious collection
of people’s shadows
stretched long in the
summer morning sun
and having trouble
figuring out which
one is yours.

The downtown down
town dog walkers,
that walk dogs with
little colored booties on
each dog paw.

Backpacks, backpacks,
backpacks hauling only
God knows what to and fro,
from home to office, office
to home.

Suspicious professional women,
eyeing every man that
passes by like a protective
mother bear.
Eyes like razors, on lasers.

The oblivious zombies,
the oblivious cell phone zombies,
the hungry, weakly sitting where
ever they can.

Hot dust, garbage smelling shade,
perilous street crossers, cutting it
closer than needed.
Crowded shuffling through narrow
elevator holding.

Some things I’ve missed,
some things I haven’t
some things forever the same.

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