Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Everyday on a City Sidewalk

Sidewalk love affairs,
passer-by morning stares,
two more people on the concrete,
missing that chance to meet.

A quick upturned glance,
a smiling, ready stance,
for that one passing chance,
to find a never-ending dance.

Bodies crowd and part,
every move a possible start,
for that lasting moment,
and the missing component.

A sunny summer day,
women in sundresses on display,
moving quickly along the sidewalk,
never a second to smile and talk.

Surrounded by buildings cased in glass,
rushing and bustling in a flash,
they’re gone too quick,
to catch a flirty wink.

Love, one concrete square at a time,
each step, another tolling chime,
for the love light left,
between life and death’s cruel theft.

All the women on the street,
high heel shoes on their feet,
stepping along so serious,
above and beyond imperious.

My heart beats each new block,
as my open eyes take stock,
and new, intimidating options are presented,
trying to understand something newly fermented.

My soul is open for the potential,
but my heart is sore from the prior tangential
and each longing gaze on the street,
is torture for the incomplete.

Yet on it goes with each forward motion,
longing stoking the locomotion.

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