Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Dangers of Eavesdropping

“I like the new nail polish,” said the woman in the black skirt.
“I just can’t wear blush,” said another woman with frizzy hair.
“I never do my nails, too much trouble,” said the woman in the coat.
“Stop messing with your hair,” demanded the woman in the black skirt.
“I can’t help it. It’s so frizzy,” responded the woman with the frizzy hair.

“A guy I went to grammar school with
died last week,” said the women in the black skirt.
“That’s sad,” said the woman with the frizzy hair.
“Yeah, so sad,” said the woman in a coat.
“How did he die,” asked a woman with a Mommy hair-style.
“I don’t know. He was sort of off
the grid,” said black skirt woman.

“I don’t know why I wore a coat today,” said a woman in a coat.
“It’s not cold,” said the woman near the door.
“It’s a nice coat but too early for it,” said the woman with Mommy hair-style.
“I wish we could open a window,” said the woman in a coat.
“That would mess up my hair,” said the woman with the frizz.

“Why is my phone ringing,” asked Black skirt as she dug through
her large over the shoulder bag.
“I have an anti-frizz product you should try,” said Mommy Hair-style.
“Will you write the name down,” asked Frizzy.
“Who is calling,” asked Black Skirt, “Oh hi, what happened?”

“I have so much work to do. I’m so behind,” said Coat.
“Oh I know, I’m so busy after vacation,” said woman near the door.
“He what,” asked Black skirt into her phone, “Oh my. Oh no. Well, we’ll
deal with it when I get there. Thanks for telling me.”
“What’s wrong,” asked Coat woman.

“A guy my company let go a month ago killed himself,” said
Black Skirt.
“That’s terrible,” said Mommy Hair-style.
“That’s sad,” said Frizzy.
“That’s awful,” said woman by the door.
“And I have a new employee starting today,” said Black Skirt.

I don’t think I’m going to eavesdrop while
riding the train anymore.
I’m not sure which part is more tragic
and I don’t think I want to know.

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