Friday, October 23, 2015

Anniversary Blog! Happy Five Years to Me!!!!!!

                This marks my 870th posting and marks the five year anniversary of A Minute with Michael on BlogSpot. (It’s a different anniversary and number for the WordPress site but, meh.) I’m not sure it’s the cultural and artistic milestone I had always hoped it would be but it’s still pretty nice.  If you do the math (which I have) you could read one poem, story or essay of mine every single day for 2.38198106 years. So rounding up, I’ve conquered the literary world in two years and should probably retire while on top. But no, I’m trying to make it to that ever illusive 1,000 posting mark. In my opinion, that shows a true dedication to honing my passion. 

I certainly do have a ton of work on this site.  It’s not always great I’ll admit, some of the stories miss the mark or the poems don’t exactly convey the real emotional content I was trying to dig out, but overall, it’s very representative of the type of writing I love. It’s also rather impressive for me to have kept it up so long. I just love stories that fire the imagination into realms of “what if” and “why not” or, “is that thing going to eat my face”. It gets me excited to pen a clever poetic turn of phrase. I love having my soapbox to air my disgruntled ramblings. I don’t know where I’d be without it.

When I started this in 2010 I had dreams of being lauded as the new “Great American Poet” or “Great American Short Story Writer” or “Hey look, it’s that guy.” But as time passed I realized the important thing was finding my voice, having a clear point of view and being humble if anyone said they actually read and enjoyed what I had written. My dreams of being on the University talk circuit, discussing my work and signing autographs on the chests of impressionable college girls, have faded with time a bit. I know that even with the body of work I have; I still have a long way to go. It’s respect that I want as a writer more than anything now. Fame, celebrity, money (Well a little money would be nice to be honest) was never the real goal but there was always a certain appeal if it did happen for me.  I mean, who doesn’t want their shot at mild immortality, right?

 I know I get a little crabby at times when I don’t feel like I’m being recognized for the outpouring of imagination or emotion I put into this blog, but I hope no one takes it personally. It’s a lonely life as a dreaming writer and it can get pretty tough to keep going when you’re not sure if anyone is actually reading your entertainment product, and if they’re enjoying it.  I think it’s quite an accomplishment for me since I have gone through so much personal growth while trying to maintain this blog. So whenever I do get a little recognition it always feels like a warm hug on a cold day.  (But don’t touch me in person unless I initiate contact or you feel we’ve reached that level of comfort with each other. I don’t want random huggings. It’s a figurative representation of what it “feels” like.)

I have always welcomed criticism, positive or negative, of my work and in most cases it has helped me to grow and evolve as a writer.  I didn’t have a formal education in writing other than my Catholic School education and two writing classes at two different colleges. So it’s always an experience to hear from people about my work. I think it’s grand to hear from all types of readers and explore with them what they liked or didn’t like about my writing. I always want to know what it made them feel, what it reminded them of or if it expanded their imagination in some way. I think the best writing is one that slightly challenges what is normal and formulaic, even if it works within that formalized structure.

Whatever the hell that means.   I digress, I’m just happy to have had this opportunity to write for you, and for me. I really do it because I want you and me to have a story time experience together.  I want you to feel what I feel in some way or see the world in a different sort of way, either through my eyes or that of a character.  I need to write like some people need to exercise three hours every morning or use heroine or travel. All of which I don’t do but I value the experiences for those people, much like I hope people value the effort and sheer passion I put into these posts. (Well, maybe not the heroine use. I’m not sure that’s an enviable experience.)

I’d like to thank the people that have really supported me and encouraged me to keep going over these last five years. I know they may not always “get it” in the poems or stories or might know me in person and describe me as “a good person, but difficult at times. Weird, but not a real creepy weird.” I sincerely appreciate the patience, the good will, the good fortune, the kindness, the honesty and the occasional kisses on the cheek. I hope I’ve brought some smiles, some insights, some joy, some fear, some sadness and recognition of the stories that reside in all of us.  We all have stories to tell, we do it every day and I find it endlessly fascinating.  

I hope you’ll stick with me as this journey continues and we discover new realms of imagination together. I deeply thank you for following me and generously sharing a small part of your day with me.

Thank you,


Next week – More Halloween themed stories and poems! Hang on to your Jack O’Lanterns!

Also, my book of 200 poems is still available:  - Get the paperback! The Kindle doesn’t quite work.  

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