Monday, October 12, 2015

That's like, weird...right?

I saw one of the strangest
things this morning as I
walked to work from
the train station.

I saw a lone pigeon
strutting along the
busy Chicago sidewalks
with a long pigeon feather
in its beak.  

This pigeon was just
bobbing along, clutching
a long pigeon feather in its
mouth, like it was so

I had never seen a
pigeon, or any bird for that
matter, ever carry some other
bird’s feather in his

It was so weird. The pigeon
seemed to know it was a little
strange because when he saw
me see him, he pretended like
it was so cool to have a feather in
his beak.  

“I do this all the time, bro,” was
the look on the pigeon’s little
face. And he continued to bob
and waddle past me toward the
destination of his choice.

Some bird bar perhaps
where bird feathers might
be currency. A sort of bird
Fight Club maybe, or he
was planting some evidence to keep
the long arm of pigeon law at bay.

Either way, it was a very
peculiar way for Monday to


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