Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Back to the Dark

The dark,
a place of the unknown
and unknowing,
a realm of pitch concealing
every corner.

The dark, impenetrable,
impervious, all consuming,
devourer of the light,
echoer of mysterious
creaks and groans.

The dark muffles,
confuses, hides and
re-shapes through shadows
and formlessness, muddles
and frightens.

The dark grows thicker,
murky, heavy, an abyss
of the unfamiliar swirling
like red wine in a glass
served in hell.

The dark, staring at me
as I clutch the covers up
to my chin. I know it’s
coming to get me. To
consume my soul.

The dark, black eyes,
glaring from beyond,
I can hear it growling,
licking it’s lips, I feel
the hate in its heart.

No, wait, that’s just
my laundry piled up in
the corner.

Damn that
scared me.

Should have just turned
on the light. 

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