Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Mr. Hustle gets up early.
Mrs. Hustle goes for a seven mile jog.
Mr. Hustle works out for an hour.
Mrs. Hustle makes egg whites.
Mr. Hustle thinks there’s time.
Mrs. Hustle doesn’t think there’s enough.

Mr. Hustle uncovers the Jaguar.
Mrs. Hustle starts the BMW.
Mr. Hustle waves good bye, says “I love you”.
Mrs. Hustle waves back, says nothing.
Mr. Hustle turns on the radio news.
Mrs. Hustle drives in silence.

Mr. Hustle drives East, as the sun rises.
Mrs. Hustle drives West, where it’s still dark.
Mr. Hustle will be the first one at the firm.
Mrs. Hustle heads to her P.R. business.
Mr. Hustle will think about the account.
Mrs. Hustle will think about where the money is.

Mr. Hustle takes a call in the car.
Mrs. Hustle stops to get a green tea.
Mr. Hustle pulls an errant nose hair.
Mrs. Hustle watches a bird poke the ground.
Mr. Hustle tells his assistant to re-set the meeting.
Mrs. Hustle sees the bird poking at a worm.

Mr. Hustle gets to the office and starts right in.
Mrs. Hustle watches the bird fly off with the worm.
Mr. Hustle spills a little water on his oak desk.
Mrs. Hustle drops her green tea in the trash.
Mr. Hustle yells at his assistant to bring a napkin.
Mrs. Hustle drops her wedding ring in the trash.

Mr. Hustle holds his assistant by the waist.
Mrs. Hustle starts to run.
Mr. Hustle kisses his assistant’s neck.
Mrs.  Hustle runs.
Mr. Hustle takes another call, pushing his assistant away.
Mrs. Hustle ran. 

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