Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Philosopher's Club

If you’re ever asked,
“What if…?”
Or thought about,
“How would it be…?”
Or given yourself over
to asking yourself the
hard questions about
yourself, then you’re in.

If you’ve ever looked at
your shadow and wondered
if it’s looking back at you,
then you’re in.
If you’ve ever thought about
the vastness of the sky above,
then you’re in.

If you can put yourself in the
shoes of another person and see
the world from their feet, then
you’re part of it.
If you’ve stared at a bonfire and
imagined a world before electricity,
you’re there.

If you thought about Socrates, Plato,
Aristotle, any maybe read a little about
them, you’re part of it.
If you’ve thought about François-Marie Arouet
A.K.A. Voltaire, you’re in the game.
Even if you haven’t but know who they are,
you’re probably in.

You’ve drank the red wine and stayed up
till sunrise with friends, discussing the essence
of being who you are, who each other are, and
why you gather as a collective, you’re totally in.
The only membership fee is curiosity. The dues
are only your desires to know something more
than you knew yesterday.

That’s the club, and it’s likely you’re already in.
But if you’re not. If you have no idea
what this is about, then what are you
doing reading poetry?
Get back in your bubble of self-involvement
and let us worry about the shadows on
the cave walls.

You don’t know the secret handshake anyway.

(There’s a hip bump involved.)

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