Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Voting is Cool

On this most Auspicious and
American of Days, I want to
encourage everyone to get out
and vote. It is a right so many
have sacrificed for and some don’t have.

Using the collective voices of
this Republic we can indeed
create the sort of country we
want. We are the destiny makers,
we are, “The dreamers of the Dream”.

Republican or Democrat, independent
or Green, it’s important to know that
participating in the process is just as
important as your person winning.
The power to vote is essential to the American

The Founder’s, I like to think, hoped this
American Experience would encourage
free thinking and encourage boldness in the
face of tyranny and oppression. They hoped
to create a Nation with Liberty and Justice for all.

They weren’t perfect. They missed the slavery
issue completely. They were not Gods, but men.
They were flawed and men of their time and era.
Yet, they had foresight, they knew this country
wasn’t for them. It was for us. Now. Here.

So make sure you’re voting today,
make sure you’re thinking about what’s
best for everyone and not just yourself,
because we are all in this together
and for generations of future Americans. 

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