Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The ease of the word

I was reading in bed last night and was impressed with an author’s smooth writing style. She had a great ease in her words that made the story flow. I noticed it rather by accident after I had read quite a bit in a very short amount of time. It made me think of my own style and my tendency to be a bit hurky jerky in my story telling.

I was jealous. I want to write that smoothly and stylishly, but then, I sort of like my style. I think most of my readers like my style. Otherwise, why would they read it? Probably guilt.

It’s something I’ll have to work on I suppose.

In other news, the rest of this week I will be taking a little time off from my hurky jerky writing style to celebrate my birthday. So from Wednesday through Sunday I will not be writing my blog. Unless something awesome happens and I am compelled to write about it, like I meet the girl of my dreams or I get the greatest birthday present ever. (Which could be one in the same I suppose). But I’ll settle for that vacuuming robot.

So try to get though the next few days without me. I know it’ll be tough but I’m sure you can comb through the archives to tide you over for a few short days. But just in case, here’s a wee poem to hold you over till then.

Wind or wind?

The winding wind wound
rapidly, brushing leaves
off trees in a final act of fall.

We wavered and wallowed in
winds while waiting for trains
to whisk us to where watches
wind away our hours.

It’s the wind whining about the
wind we woefully screwed
into with breezy reluctance.

Have a good few days dear readers and I’ll return reinvigorated and ready to tackle the next few aggravating months of winter.    

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