Monday, November 7, 2011

In a flash

I’ve got to write this quickly this morning. I don’t have much time to tell you all about the squirrels gnawing at my windows which woke me up at 5:00 in the morning. I barely have time to describe the construction noises out on the street starting at 7:00 a.m. I’ve only a moment to write about how dreadful coming to work was this morning.

Squirrels are trying to invade my apartment. There are two (I know it’s two) that think it’s just a wonderful idea to start their day by gnawing on the aluminum frame of my windows. The noise is akin to fingernails on a chalkboard and being yelled at by that one Aunt, you know, the crazy one. It woke me up from my usual deep sleep like nothing has ever before; probably because the noise was so strange. I had to get out of bed and search in the darkness for the source of the noise and by the time I figured it out the little rats had escaped.

I was able to get back to bed and go back to sleep for a little while, until the construction started down the block. I’m not sure why they started with heavy machinery so very early. I could have slept for another ½ hour at least. I tried to force myself to stay asleep but it was to no avail. I had to get out of bed and attempt to face this November Monday.

As the train I was riding into work got closer and closer to downtown I could feel myself getting sadder and sadder. The constant thoughts about what awful things I had to do during the day made me want to go crazy. Really. Just have a complete and total freak out on the train. But then, would anybody notice? I had to shake the whole image from my head of running up and down the train car screaming about how pointless it all was. But that would have been weak. And who likes to see such weakness on a Monday morning?

I found myself then scanning the employment opportunities page in the little rag of a paper I grab for free. There was nothing there that I wanted to do. Office guy, general labor guy, firefighter guy, lab assistant guy, it was all the same crap, another job and not a redeeming, worthwhile career.

Okay, I have to get to work. Damn it. For now I’ll have to keep up this mind numbing, soul blistering, cubicle existence and try to look for something better.  Squirrel Wrangler, maybe?

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