Monday, November 14, 2011

Napalm Monday

I always feel like a jerk when I complain about my job, especially so soon after Veteran’s Day. It’s not like I just saw my best buddy in the whole world get blown up by some mortar fire or horribly burned in a napalm attack. I’ve actually got it pretty easy and I should be thankful for it.
So I am aware of how ridiculous it is to complain about my stupid cubicle job, but I am compelled to do so.  But I have to keep this brief as I’m well behind the eight ball today and need to get a lot of unfulfilling work done.

Maybe tomorrow will deliver some better news and I suppose that’s at least one reason to be optimistic. Plus my horoscope said that two lovers will be fighting over me, which is really weird since I have no lovers that I’m aware of,  but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Ow, I think I broke a finger.

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