Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The rain and the right

Liz honored the rain. She felt it was like a car wash for the city; a quick way for Mother Nature to wash everything down and start over for a while. It appealed to her sense of universal connective-ness. Or as her, “Human Beings Humane”, teacher, Dr. Ragit Bagraba, taught her, that humans are connected to every act of nature and should not fight against it but embrace it as one would a deeply desired lover, or connectivitude.

Liz had been going to Dr. Bagraba’s seminars and lectures and had bought all his visualization books for the last several years. She was nearly as knowledgeable about Humans Being Humane as Dr. Bagraba himself; she just hadn’t reached Stage 13b yet. But in typical style she did not view it as a failure but as an unrealized opportunity for transcendeancitudeness, which was discussed heavily at the conference in 2009.

Dr. Bagraba had described Stage 13b as a state of perpetual calmness on seas of ever swirling energy. It was oneness with nothingness attached only to the inner child of emptiness.  It was a lot of breathing and Yoga and eating things that came from a goat and Liz wanted to reach Stage 13b. It was now her only motivating factor and each morning, after welcoming the sun in her room with the Stage 4a illumination dance, she would begin her Stage 13b preparations.

Since it was raining this morning however she decided to do the Rain Embrace mantra as fast as she could. She really felt that today was the day she could reach Stage 13b. She said her Rain Embrace hymn and hurried to her bathroom. All that Goat milk had played havoc with her digestive system. En route she noticed she had a voicemail message on her cell phone. She grabbed the phone from the charger and continued to the washroom.

She sat to do her morning business and checked the voicemail. It wasn’t a number she recognized but for her, all things happened as part of nature and it was to be embraced. She held the phone up to her ear and listened as her body did what nature designed.

“Ms. Liz Carpenter? This is Jerry with Bonanza Books and Tapes. This is my fifth call to you regarding the outstanding balance on your orders for Dr. Ragit Bagraba’s eighth and ninth book releases. Your current outstanding balance is $352.63. If this matter isn’t resolved by week’s end, we will be forced to send your account to collections. Please call me back at….”.

Liz hung up her phone and grabbed the toilet paper. Since dedicating herself to reaching Stage 13b she decided she wasn’t going to work anymore, so she hadn’t received a paycheck in months. By following Dr. Bagraba’s Stage 11c she could expect nature to provide her with all the things she would need in this life, before reaching ultimate freedom with nature at Stage 13b of course. Then, money, food and even sex, wouldn’t be necessary. Although lately she had been missing the sex.

She had a great boyfriend two months ago but he thought she was getting a little out of control with Dr. Bagraba’s teachings so he left her, but she justified it because that was what nature intended for her. Her soul would find satisfaction, sexual satisfaction in Stage 13b anyway.

Liz flushed the toilet and wished her natural releases a safe and profitable journey as they returned to the cycle of life. She washed her hands and looked up at herself in the mirror. She had let herself go recently, all the Goat related foods had caused to rapidly put on weight and it was clearly showing in her face. She also had been using an all natural soap when she chose to bathe and it seemed she might have been allergic because she had a terrible break out on her face. But again, if this is what it took to reach Stage 13b then she would do it.

She left the bathroom and returned to her bedroom and sat in the 3rd position as described in Dr. Bagraba’s third book, “The beingness of BEING”. She tucked her heels underneath her and with knees bent in front of her she laid back onto the bed. This position allegedly let your energy flow from your, “centers of power”, and help you relax. Liz’s ex-boyfriend liked this position because it basically pushed her lady parts up and open. But according to Dr. Bagraba it wasn’t to be used for sex as that clogged the energy release portal.  Liz started her deep breathing cycle and chanting on the exhale.

Thunder rumbled outside and it rattled Liz’s windows. She was a little startled and lost her place. The rain pelted her bedroom window and Liz caught herself thinking about her old job and all the wonderful friends she’d left behind. How they’d probably be out now, cowering under the eaves as to stay dry while smoking their cigarettes. She suddenly felt very lonely, which according to Dr. Bagraba, wasn’t Stage 13b.

She switched to the 7th position and tried to control her breathing, but the wind was howling outside and it sounded like a tree branch was tapping against the side of her apartment. She belched to clear her Maki Center, and tried to embrace what nature designed. She tried to feel sympathy for the rain and nothingness from within.

Her cell phone started ringing from the bathroom, but Liz ignored it. It was Jerry for sure. She continued her breathing and moaning, listening to the rain.

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