Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I will have more coffee

Having recently discovered the second coffee break area at work I now have a second place to get my free cup of office coffee. It’s just Folgers or Maxwell House or Murderbrew, but it’s something. It is difficult at times to get that cup of coffee however.

This morning I went to the first coffee area I was aware of and discovered an empty coffee pot. So I did the right thing and made another pot and then decided to head over to the new coffee station. I was happy to have this option available to me. The only problem is the distance between these two coffee areas.

The two areas might as well be on opposite sides of the planet. The first coffee area could be called “New York” and the second coffee area could be called, “Moon”. So the walk (with my painful goutish shuffle) to the moon took a bit longer than I prefer but I was able to obtain a fresh cup of coffee. However there were no creams or sugars available on the moon so I had to shuffle all the way back to New York to get a little flavor for my morning pick me up.  

While I was on my interstellar office trek I could feel all those prying cubicle eyes preying on my movement. It was a little unnerving. I felt as if the man eating lions of Tsavo would lunge out from around a cubicle wall and commence to eating my bloody guts. I might have picked up my limping pace a bit just to get back to the safety and misery of my own cube. Of course walking fast, with a limp and a hot cup of coffee is also a circus trick in and of itself. So I had to juggle my irrational fear and my coffee without spilling any.

But now I’m safe, back in my cube, sipping a pretty damn good cup of coffee and there are no lions in sight. I’m sure they’re laying low in the tall office grass somewhere, but for now I’m content to write this and sip my French Vanilla flavored coffee.
I only hope the day runs smoothly and there aren’t too many cubicle villagers picked off as they make their way to the copier or fax machine. Freaking office lions, who knew?

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