Monday, December 19, 2011

(Hilarious title)

Ding Dong, The Jong is dead, ding dong, the wicked Jong is dead. (Insert Wicked Witch music from The Wizard of Oz.)

So yesterday I learned that North Korean Dictator and all around Batman want to be, Kim Jong Il joined the choir invisible. This is a good thing for the people of North Korea, even though they may not realize it right now. North and South Korea have been at war since the 1950’s, that’s right, the Korean War never officially ended. They are in a current state of cease fire, but there is no cessation of hostilities. So with the death of Kim Jong Il, perhaps some progress could be made.

However that might be a little difficult if his son, the mysterious Kim Jong Un, is indeed the successor. According to CNN, Kim Jong Un is in his mid-twenties and it’s not clear if he will be the, “big baller, shot caller”. He’s only been the next in line for the last four years and doesn’t really have the experience his late father had in State Party politics. So we’ll have to see how his appointment goes.

Kim Jong Il was himself a strange little man. He was obsessed with movies and in 1978 he kidnapped South Korean actress Choi En-hui and her husband Shin Sang-ok and forced them to work in the North Korean film industry. He spent millions on the movies while the country suffered in debt. His son appears to be equally fascinated with basketball.

The people of North Korea, being so secluded from the rest of the world by the State, may not consider the, “dear leader”, as a dictator. They have some sort of reverence for him. Any dissenters were quickly quieted and the State spent a great deal of time promoting his positive image. So it’s easy to see why the people might believe he was a great leader. I guess we’ll just have to see how the world spins without him, hopefully, for the better.

In other news, it seems a cat is inheriting thirteen million dollars. A cat named Tommaso is now the world’s richest pet. This cat will live in the lap of luxury for the rest of its life, while the rest of us have to pretend we didn’t hear anything about it and hide the normal emotional response of cat murder. I don’t care what anybody says, cats are jerks. They’d eat you if they had the chance. If they had thumbs and access to fire arms, I’m quite sure they would use them on us.

You know where this kind of crap isn’t tolerated, North Korea.

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