Tuesday, December 27, 2011

That collective sigh was a mighty wind

I hope that my faithful readers were able to cope with my short hiatus over this Christmas holiday. I’m back now ready to continue my mouthy march against everything that I think is stupid, annoying or downright vomit inducing.  Well, maybe it’s less of a march and more of a drunken mosey.

I’d hoped to build up a treasure trove of new and exciting stories from this short break of mine but alas, all I have are the same old stories. I did however pick up a few new interesting things while watching hours and hours of educational TV. I think the History Channel and The Discovery Channel know something about the impending End of the World and are trying to gently nudge us toward being prepared.

Every other show was about Nostradamus or how 2011 was the weirdest and most severe weather year in recorded history. There were shows about humans escaping the Earth in the final days and the meaning of the Mayan calendar when cross referenced with the Bible. I mean, if you weren’t worried about this stuff before then I’m sure you are now.

What I gathered from all these doomsday shows was just that, we’re doomed. There’s really no escape for human kind. Of course one show, hosted by the impeccable Sam Neil, did note that Earths final days will probably occur sometime in the next seven billion years when our sun dies. So I’m not too worried about packing my bags just yet.

I do worry about the political predictions of some of those ancient scribes of yore. It is human destiny to try and destroy each other. (Unless Bill and Ted save us as foretold by prophecy) We’ve been trying to kill each other for thousands of years and that is likely to be our un-doing. I worry that with the worsening economy and political unrest, Europe will once again serve as the lynchpin in another global conflict.

I worry about the potential for joblessness, leading to political unrest, leading to armed conflict, leading to complete and utter war. I think this is a real possibility and based on our current path, a very likely one. I’m not saying I know the future, but I think I can reasonably guess at one possible outcome of the current world struggles for mankind.

But I’m off topic, I think, and being a little depressive. Perhaps, with 2011 nearing a close I’m feeling a bit nervous about the future. The future is always unknown and the unknown is a scary thing. I think on a personal level I’d like to meet the right girl, settle down, try and raise some super intelligent children with dreams of world domination for the betterment of all mankind, and retire to Hawaii to wait for the impending end.  

In the meantime I suppose I’ll keep plugging these articles into your brain.

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