Thursday, January 2, 2014


            I’m not sure I actually believe it, but this is my 700th blog posting. That means I have enough blogs written to last a person nearly two years, if they read one every single day. I find that pretty amazing. I cannot say that all of these pieces are winners. A few of the blogs are downright depressing horror shows. A few of them are incomplete stories that beg completion but once they get out of me and onto this page I seem to lose interest in them.

             Writing this seven hundredth blog seems to be a bit of a struggle as well. I’ve approached it several times but I keep getting distracted by the falling snow outside. My thoughts are all scattered like the snowflakes swirling and drifting aimlessly in the wind. The flakes blow up, down, left, and right, mimicking the words fumbling through my brain.

             Snowflakes that read: love, work, trudge, heart, women, rage, shame, booze, lunch, snow, cold, all bounce against each other in the icy wind. I’m finding it terribly hard to pick just the right ones. I just have a heavy shovel full of words tossed in with the other piles of words. The words have been plowed and salted, trampled underfoot and even melted.

            700 blogs, it’s hard to believe. Thank you for all your continued reading dear readers.

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