Wednesday, May 25, 2016

La Violencia

History is written by
violence. We’re all tattooed
by the violence of our lives,
scarred by the becoming who
we are through violent means.

Growing is an aggressive stretching
of bones through years of adolescent
aches and awkwardness, it’s a ripping
and tearing away of the old and building
anew over youth.

The journey of our bodies, from skinned
knees and elbows, split lips to acne, to
thinning hair, to weight control; all of
it is violent. The magic of life, but
violent nonetheless.

We’re all covered in the marks of
becoming who we are; cuts, bruises,
scrapes, scars, missing teeth, bad eyes,
sore knees, painful backs. A terrorized
victim of violent times and changes.

It’s in our minds, as the pain fueled
lessons of corporal punishments, spankings,
standing in a corner, holding dictionaries in
both outstretched arms for as long as possible
for talking in class instead of learning about Plato.

The experience crafts us into the
embodiment of violence.  We often
say the ends often justify the means, because
the brutal violence of our own becoming was just
normal. It was what was done and to be dealt with.

I think that’s why we can find violence distasteful,
and fear it or demand it’s end, but we tolerate it.
Tolerate it to such a point that it just becomes so
normal. Because we were formed from it in one
way or another. Like aching bones growing.

The universe exploded violently into
existence. The Earth was pummeled by
meteors and volcanic upheaval, evolution
was cruel and a constant struggle to just

The violence of our history is written
in our blood and bones.  It made us.
It defined us. It elevated the strong, devoured
the weak, culled the herd, and exposed us
to be carved by time.

Maybe we think the violence in the streets,
is just part of the violence of growing up,
maybe the violent murder of others is just
the painful process of maturing as a species;
something to bear as we grow up and are marked.

And don’t we all already know the axiom,
“Violence begets Violence”, but continue with it
anyway. Even our entertainment is based on
the human history of violence. Overcoming
violent adversity towards catharsis. 

It has made us.
We keep letting it.
Blood in the streets
until the lesson is learned.

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