Thursday, May 12, 2016

What are you Writing About Today?

I’m all starts and no
finishes today.
I’ve started several
poems, short stories,
essays and pieces of
prose and all of them have
gotten stuck at the tips
of my fingers.

I’m unable to navigate the
roiling seas of my thoughts
to any white crested clarity,
worthy of putting word to the
page, or screen, or program,
or whatever this machine for word
making is.  

No one is at the wheel
as it were, because the Captain
is in his cabin, doing things…
Which, for the lack of a better
metaphor, makes writing something
worthwhile sort of difficult.

My thoughts are watching,
shrugging at me as I prance
around like a lunatic
at an anti-prancing convention
because they have no idea what I’m
doing either.  

“It’s all part of the show,” I yell.
But they’re not buying it.
They know me better than I
know myself.
“You’ll get tired of prancing soon enough,”
they’ll say confidently.
And of course they’re right.

I’m not focused.
I’m aloof with ideas
and lost in their muddiness.
[Erase, erase, erase, erase]
Whatever I had written,
It was not good.

“Getting tired yet,” asks my thoughts.
I hate to admit it, but I am.
“No, I’m gonna keep prancing till
the world ends or I find love,” I shout.
My thoughts give me a thumbs up and
return to reading the novelization of
Dirty Dancing.

“Damn it.”

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