Monday, May 9, 2016

Post-Modern Romance

The only things left
to remember anything,
were a pair of ankle socks
and a pair of sunglasses.

A day of irresponsibility,
irregularity, nonsense,
foolishness, and an all out
zest for living in the moment.

Has no memory, other than
a pair of ankle socks and a
pair of sunglasses left behind
in her hurry.

Moments of wild speculations,
impossibilities, never will be’s
and never were’s, mashed between
slurred cocktail stories and heartaches.

The time and the place for
responsibility had no grip,
the only purpose was in the time
spent wondering about nothing.

Avoidance, preposterous avoidance,
of the ills and ails plaguing our troubled
souls, yet spitefully damaging and adding
to our woes.

A clink of the drinks, a toast of half
mumbled love, kisses and hand holding
meaning nothing other than what they
meant for the second they existed.

Until all that was left was a pair
of ankle socks on the floor and
sunglasses on the table as the
only reminder it happened at all.

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