Friday, May 13, 2016

We Laugh, Therefore We Are

Podiatrist office,
Walk-ins welcome.
Proctologist office,
please be seated.
Optometrist office,
the doctor will see you.

These things make me
chuckle. They’re just
dumb enough to tickle
my funny bone and
remind me.

Remind me that the
world isn’t always
full of doom and gloom
no matter what terrors
are globally occurring.

Humankind is funny.
We can’t help ourselves.
One person’s tragedy is
another person’s punchline.
We’re just funny.

The sound of our laughter
in a room, crowded with
all different types, creeds,
beliefs and sexes is the great
human leveler.

When I am in a group and
we’re all laughing hysterically
at the dumbest thing is the time
I feel most connected to the
whole of humanity.

Levity, mirth, absurdity, jokes,
are our keys to success.
A people without humor are
cursed and miss the subtle joys
of recognizing our ridiculousness.

Laughing to the point
of tears and a belly ache,
trying to catch your breath
and waving your hand in your face
make us all the same.

Internist office,
please check in.
Neurosurgeon’s office,
mind the wait.
Otolaryngologists office,
ENT-y thing for you.

Oof, that last one was
rough. But I’m sure you
have your own terrible ones 
to share.  Cheers!

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