Tuesday, May 24, 2016


A cliché walks into a
cliché and says, “Did you
hear the one about that
old cliché?”
The cliché then laughs
like a cliché villain in a
cliché movie, in a cliché town.

The Premise stood up
and then fell apart as
the premise was very weak
after all the talking about
himself.  The premise was
all over the place.  And no one
could follow it.

The cliché said something about
blah, blah, blah, and so on and so
forth until the premise got back on
his own two clichés and stood cliché to cliché,
as the cliché set in the West and cliché’s
tumbled in the clichéd street and clichés
cawed on the wire.

The Premise felt a little stronger, but
felt a cliché nagging at his memory, it was
the cliché that had clichéd his cliché. Whom
the premise loved so clichéd. This cliché was
the cliché that caused all the other clichés.
The premise was sure it was just what he needed.
The cliché to end all clichés.

Needless to say the premise was far
stronger now that he had the cliché right
where he wanted him to cliché.
The premise could now take his cliché out on
this cliché and everything would be wrapped
up on a nice cliché and the clichés could
go on having learned a valuable cliché.

The End

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