Friday, May 18, 2012


Just under the surface,
very near the top,
under the foam
but below the lip
is a sizzling silence
set to announce itself.

I heard it moving
through the train cars
and in all the talk at
the bars. It’s about to
spill out in front, at
your feet.

It’s current is writhing
and coursing over sidewalks
and building facades. There’s
anxious eyes scanning the
streets for the hint of
the anxiety bubbling
just beyond sight.

Urgency fills the faces
of the men and women
on the shores of lake
anticipation. Planes cut
the sky with scalpel’s of
sound to drown out the
waves of dissonance lapping
the beaches.

I’m ready though.
My coffee is good.
My hair is perfect.
I’m less worried than
I should be
but just worried

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