Friday, May 25, 2012

Haven’t I been here before?

It’s the same.
Always the same story.

I’m a week away
from a friend’s wedding
and I’m dateless.

It’s familiar but
still bitter and cruel.
I don’t enjoy it.

I’m not sure how to
do it. I don’t know
how to meet her.
Where she hangs out,
what she likes in her

It’s not their fault.
I don’t blame them,
much. I’ve just been
here before.

In the depot of the
dateless wonders.
Same old posters on
the walls. Same shaggy
panhandler in the corner.
Same tired subway tiles
fighting against the ravages
of time. I’ll sit on this
bench and wait.

I keep thinking she’ll
arrive in her beautiful
nerdiness, but so far,
that train is delayed.

Or derailed.

Till then I’ll suffer
the humiliation of a
charity date from a friend.  
As is usual.
Where I've been.

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