Friday, May 11, 2012


The train was rattling
along with the hushed
tones of secrets and

I heard the muffled and
constant sound of stories
being concealed from the
prying ears of strangers.

I could only catch hushed
words like, “belly”, and
“lion face” over the
rumbling, roaring train.

On the sidewalks it was
no different. There were
the mild muted mutterings
of passers-by and the punch
clock heroes jingling through
the din of overhead trains.

“No problems”, and “panty hose”,
“yes, yeas and no’s”, filtered
over the traffic as I struggled to
get to the curious safety of
my cubicle hell.

The office was filled with
more silent conversations,
guttural ascents and denials.
I just wanted the noise to
stop and let me get back
to my quiet bed.

The clock whispers slowly
as I count the seconds until
I can get my ears clear of
all the distraction and

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