Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rocket ship Earth

Earth moves through the universe at a startling speed of really, really fast. I actually tried to look up the exact figure but I was baffled by the amount of serious math involved in that calculation. Apparently there are several dimensions of motion to take into account when trying to estimate the speed of Earth through space. There’s the relative speed from the Equator around the sun, the tilt of the Earth, the speed of the surrounding planets, the speed of the galaxy through the universe, all very interesting stuff but way over my head.

So I’ll just say that Earth, spinning through the vastness of space, is moving really damn fast and then times it by Pi. Funny, I hardly feel it moving at all. Although it appears to be moving fast enough that I completely forgot my train of thought for this piece. I wonder where I was going with this. I had the title all set and was lost in the research for a while but now that I’m back to writing it, I haven’t the slightest idea what I was trying to say.

I suppose that can happen on your 367th blog entry. I certainly don’t think I’ve exhausted the myriad of topics available for commentary or stories to be told. But I sure did lose the thread on this one.  Sigh…..

Type, type, type… … … erase, erase, erase. I’m really struggling though this one. Perhaps I should put myself (and you reader) out of our collective misery and just end this 367th piece. But I’m compelled to continue simply because it is my 367th entry. I literally have a blog for every single day of a year, plus two days. Some are pretty decent examples of storytelling, important editorial opinions and some are like this, spinning out of control on our fuel injected Earth.

 Oh, that’s right! I remember now. I was going to write about how on this speeding, spinning planet how amazing it is that two people of completely different backgrounds can somehow find each other, fall in love and live happily ever after. But I think somewhere in my science research I thought that was probably a little lame and boring for number 367. Plus, I tend to drone on and on a little too often about the complexities of human pair bonding.

So I’ll close on this note. There are stories about everything out there. I was thinking about a story from the perspective of a tooth this morning while I was brushing my teeth. The human imagination is ceaseless and a fruitful basket of hope, inspiration, honesty and sharing in the collective human experience. I’m proud to have made it to 367 and I appreciate those that have been along for the ride. I’ll keep doing it as long as this Earth keeps spinning; really, really fast. 


  1. Tooth story! Tooth story!!
    I want the tooth story!!!
    ***stamps foot, crosses arms***

    1. You can always see to hold you over.