Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nearly Time

My seven year adventure with my current employer is about to come to an end. I've been with this company for seven years and somehow it feels longer. It's amazing to imagine that I started working for this company when I was 28 years old, I had a girlfriend I was living with and was just breaking in my local bar. When I look back at it, the only thing that really has changed is that I don't have a damn girlfriend anymore.

I'm working on that though. (cough)

It's been quite a roller coaster with this company. There were a lot of crazy lows and slightly proud highs. Like the time I busted a group of gypsies that were scamming their way all across the insurance universe. That was a real high point for sure. Then there were the terrible doldrums of the daily rat race grind. A seemingly never ending mountain of repetitive crap hustled across computer screen after computer screen.

It's often odd the type of work we end up doing in life to try and get along. I think the majority of us never planned to be in the businesses we're involved with. There are a lucky few that are doing exactly what they set out to do from the time they were born and they have some contentment while the rest of use have to slog it through the unrewarding wasteland of middle income and mediocre employment. It isn't easy.

Every so often though there's a bright spot. A moment when life seems to stop being such a complete evil bastard and let's you try something new. It's in this newness we gain some perspective on what we were doing before. It also helps us project forward as we try and comprehend what the next seven years will be like.

I'm not one to focus to much on the future, I think there are just too many variables in life to accurately predict what will happen. I have my aspirations and goals but I am realistic about their eventual completion. Right now I'm thinking about my first day at the new job. I wonder what it will be like, what the desks are like, what kind of computer system they use, will I be able to learn something new after using the same thing for so long. It's a nervous anxiety that courses through my body.

I'm still trying to wrap up some of the things here at "the old place" and every so often someone comes by the ol' cubicle to wish me well. In my mind though, I'm already stacking the wood on the my employment pyre, ready to break out into something new.  


  1. Good luck in your new job - I think it's a very healthy thing to reinvent yourself, look at the world from a new perspective. You know what they say: a change is a stood as a rest to a blind horse!

  2. I agree with you about our jobs. Not realistic to expect to support ourselves with our dream job.