Friday, October 19, 2012

The impossibilities of tiny things

So this is my first attempt to write a blog on my phone. It's so tiny. It's hard to see when the edge of the page will arrive. Ah, just passed it at "the page".

I am pleased it's Friday for certain. It has been a long new week at the new job but exciting all the same. I'm happy to be here even if the lunchtime pickings are slim. I could bring a lunch but that would require me carrying something and frankly, that's not my style.

This blog writing on a Mobil device it very tiring on my thumb. But at least I figured out how to do it. Kudos for me.

I hope to get into a later in the evening habit if writing but breaking my daytime habit is just as hard as jumping from a capsule teathered to some helium balloons 128,000 feet up in the air.


You don't say?

Jumped Hm?

Well, I'm running out of tiny excuses.

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