Monday, October 22, 2012

The Clatter

I really couldn't sleep last night. The monsters that seem to call the area under my bed were particularly vicious. There was so much noise. It was if the monsters called some ghosts over and had themselves a "keep Michael awake party". Punch was clearly served.

It isn't enough to have jerk asses on their motorcycles blasting down the street and setting off car alarms and rattling windows or to have drunken neighbors stumble up the stairs, and feel the need to shout every stupid thing. They were almost as bad as the unholy wretches conspiring to keep me from sleep.

The ghosts hovered over me while the monsters rattled the radiators and growled. The ghosts taunted me with visions of love only to take it away. It took all my strength to keep my eyes shut and just breath while the specters swirled around me. They were relentless.

The grumbling from under the bed was also a cruel test of grown up-ism. We're not supposed to be afraid of these things, the adult world is scary enough without the harassment of ghouls and goblins poking hot pitchforks at our souls. And yet, these fiends knew my rational fears and amped them up until I finally passed out due to sheer exhaustion.

I hope tonight they leave me alone. I'm sure they partied enough for a while. I hope.  I don't want to have the faceless lover who begged me to hold her and who I promised I wouldn't let go of. I don't want to hear the cleaning of dagger shaped fangs or talons scraping across the floor.

I just want to watch the final Presidential debate and worry about the deeds of real men.

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