Friday, April 15, 2016

I Need the Music

The echo in there is terrible.
Sound bouncing all over
the place like a racquetball,
batted between two sweaty grown businessmen
trying to hang onto their last gasps of
youth and manliness.

There’s no music to it.
It’s just a constant popping
thud sound, back and forth and
back and forth. Followed by the
occasional grunt.
The occasion aches.

I miss music in there.
I don’t know where it went.
Now it’s just sweaty old guys
trying to make a deal like it was still
1988 and still using brick sized
cellular phones.

The music in there was fun,
edgy, raw, even crunchy at times,
it kept my toes tapping and my head
bobbing and made anything else going on
seem bearable. The music in there   
made the day pleasant.

“Mer-pop, Mer-thud, mer-pop,
mer-thud,” all day long now in
the space where music used to
play.  The squeaking sneakers
on the hard wood. The references
to how this quarter's business is doing.

I should just take it over again and
play the music I like. The music that gets
me through my days and propels me into
nights that never want to end.  
I have got to clear my head and get
the music back in there. 

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