Friday, April 22, 2016

Seriously, Let's Go Crazy

His androgyny sometimes
made me uncomfortable,
the frilly shirts, the wild
hair, the beauty mark,
the willingness to create
the 1989 Batman movie soundtrack.

Who didn’t Bat-Dance their
way into 1990?

I remember seeing the
footage of him on American
Bandstand from 1979 or 1980
and being a little concerned as
his look and sound defied the
norms of the time.

Plus he was tiny.
I mean he was a tiny guy.
He was only 5’, 2”.
He was pocket sized.
But the music was without

We all partied like it was 1999
and felt the heat of Darling Nikki,
we heard the sound of doves crying,
and wore raspberry berets in little red
corvettes and heard Tom Jones cover

I’ll admit I got the chills this
morning as my local radio station
played Let’s Go Crazy. The D.J. implored
the listening audience to roll their windows
down in their cars and turn the radio up
to collectively celebrate the musical experience.

I turned it up.
I celebrated. 

The things that once made me uncomfortable
were long gone and I have enjoyed the person
without the reservations and misunderstandings
of youthful ignorance.

That’s the power of true music
to transcend and elevate us into something
better. That’s the point of any art really.
The betterment of us all through the unique
perspective of a single individual.
It’s a sacred gift, and I do mourn it’s loss.

Now, seriously,
Let’s Go Crazy!
Let’s Get Nuts!

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