Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Let's Just Sit for a Moment

I don’t want to do that,
that doesn’t look fun,
it looks more frustrating
than fun, it looks like
a chore of Sisyphus or
Hercules or Atlas.

That’s great that you
want to do it though.
I’ll just watch here from
the lounge. Yes, I see you.
You’re doing great.
No I don’t want a turn.

I’m not into that because
I suffer from anxiety issues
and I’d rather not stress myself
out. I hate my own nervous sweat.
I hate taking unnecessary risks
for the sake of, “fun”.

Let’s sit and talk and laugh,
let’s get close and embrace
each other’s souls for a few
minutes. You can get back to
elephant skydiving in a bit.
It’ll be fine.

Let’s watch this funny movie,
let’s talk about what makes us
laugh, let’s talk about the terrors
of our childhoods and the joys
of our twenties. No, no, I don’t
want your exotic mango tea.

I don’t water ski,
I don’t snowboard,
I don’t swim in lakes,
I don’t boat,
I don’t like your dog, your cat,
I don’t like your chest tattoo.

I want to hold your hand
as we walk gently along a
lake path at sunset,
I want to watch you sip
a cup of coffee and read the

I want to hear you laugh
so loudly and so powerfully
that others around you can’t
help but wonder what the hell is
wrong with you, but they smile
while thinking it.

No thank you on the ATV ride,
no thank you for the scooter trip,
no thank you on the cruise,
no thank you for the trapeze lessons,
no thank you for the pot,
no thank you.

Let’s be boring,
let’s be calm,
let’s be nothing but here.
Put the mountain climbing
brochure down.
Look at me.

That’s my kind of fun,
just enjoying you, us, in
the moment, sun in your
hair, your eyes squinted from
sunlight and laughter.
No stress there.

That’s the fun of Dionysus,
of Euphrosyne and I am
in love with my calm, quiet
life and I’d like for you to be
as well. The details are better
than the fast lived outlines.

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