Thursday, April 7, 2016

People Watching

                “Nice Spring so far eh,” asked Barry.
                “Yeah. It’s something else all right,” said Conrad.

                The wind swirled around them. They stepped closer to each other. Small snow pellets bounced off them.

                “The wife and I were talking about how we should have stayed south for another week or so, but everybody else was coming back this way so we figured we might as well join them. I wish I’d listened to the wife,” said Barry.
                “My wife and I had the exact same discussion but we also decided to come back with everyone else. I mean, it was so nice when we got back. Who would have thought it would turn into this,” said Conrad.

                A bus roared by on the street and splashed a sleet filled puddle up onto the sidewalk. The people waiting to cross the street yelled and cursed as the dirty water splashed at them.

                “Whoa, didja see that?”
                “Yeah,” said Barry.
                “What a maniac,” said Conrad.
                “What’s with these people? I tell you, they’re just crazy,” said Barry.

                Umbrellas flapped in the cold breeze masquerading as Spring.  Rain started falling mixed with the small snow pellets.   

                “These people are just awful,” said Conrad, “did I tell you what they did to Jerry and Mavis’ place?”
                “No, what happened,” asked Barry.
                “These people didn’t like where they built their house. Like it was an obstruction or something, these people just went ahead and tore it down. Jerry and Mavis came home from a day in the fields and ‘BOOM’, house is gone,” said Conrad.
                “That’s terrible. Damn those people,” said Barry, “What did Jerry and Mavis do?”
                “What could they do? They had to move. Who would want to live around people like that,” asked Conrad.
                “I know what you mean. I had people like that around me when I was younger. They hated our family sing-a-longs and I swear they used to throw stuff at us to make us stop. It was awful. I was so glad when we were old enough to move,” said Barry.

                Thick grey clouds billowed overhead and a fresh spate of snow pellets and sleet fell to the ground.

                “Ugh, this weather is just too much,” said Barry.
                “Yeah. You want to fly by the highway overpass, see if we can get out of the weather,” asked Conrad.
                “That sounds like a great idea,” said Barry.

                Conrad and Barry flapped their wings and took off from the telephone wire over the city street. They ducked and rolled through the wind and the weather over the heads of the people below.


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