Friday, February 10, 2012

By the power of Friday

It sizzled and popped
in my brain. My wants
and desires wrapped in
an Aurora Borealis
event of inexplicable

Girl, holding my
hand, looking me
in the eyes and saying
she’d like nothing more
than the same exact

Her body close to mine
as we drift and
doze in various
sleepy states.

My arms around her,
her legs around me.
In our soft, deep bed
without any worry
of the time of day.

Are all the things
I want.
But the things I
have to do
are in the way
of what I want
which is in the way
of the things I
can do
which brings
me back to
this vicious
Friday and
all it can’t do
to make my wants
a reality.

It’s just a day
after all.
Not a magical
golden amulet
worn by the Gods
of yesterday.
It’s the same as
any day and up to
me to make
Damn it.