Thursday, February 16, 2012

I just want to shake you

I’m trying to make sense
I’m trying to make you see
I’m trying to be patient
and hope we agree.

You keep going on
with your suspicions,
your plots and plans
for the revolution
without hearing
what’s being said.

I can’t make you see
I can’t make you smile
I can’t get through to
you in your private
thought bunker.

I tried reason and common
sense. I tried humor and jokes.
I tried sex. I tried lies. I tried
drugs. I tried booze. I tried to
present examples and facts. And
you brushed it all off
as flights of fancy.

You have blinders and ear
plugs and earmuffs and a
veil. That block out everything
you fear and let in only
what you convince yourself
you want. And you’re the
only one that really knows
what’s going on.

I stopped looking at the mirror
and picked up my toothbrush.
Whomever is in the know,
we both need to get to our
damn job cause we’re late