Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It’s weird to be jealous of a scarecrow.
I see him every morning on the train.
It’s an urban scarecrow sitting in the
middle of a strange patch of downtown
vacant land.

I think, “Lucky scarecrow”,
“no boss to push you around,
no heartaches, no frustrated
tears welling in your button

Of course, this stuffed man
sitting in this field has no
dreams or goals. He’s living the
dream and achieved his goals.

He’s a scarecrow and
fulfilling his purpose.
I’m not a scarecrow
so it’s not so easy.

I just can’t chase birds
away all day.
I have to find courage and
conviction to face my day.

I have to swallow my
pride and be the laughing
boy for the machines of
industry and mechanics
of business.

That blasted scarecrow,
I wonder if he’s jealous

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