Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday wrestling

With so many things to do on this grown-up Monday I don’t feel as though I have the time to adequately donate to this article today. I sincerely hate when I can’t because I had some pretty interesting ideas last night as I was trying to sleep.

Monday however has some very different ideas about what it is I should be doing with my time. I don’t think Monday and I will every really be friendly. I mean, I respect what it has to do but I just don’t like it very much.

I mean, Monday doesn’t care if I had a story in mind about survivors of the end of the world living in the subway tunnels, fighting off the infected hordes by following the plans of King Leonidas of Sparta and his last stand of the 300. Monday doesn’t care about that at all.  

Monday seems to think you should put your head down against the grindstone and keep spinning and spinning until all your strength is sapped and your will is crushed, and your head is shaved to a fine point. That’s what Monday wants and sometimes we have no choice but to obey. As much as I despise it, I must comply.

Hopefully I’ll be able to spend a little more quality time on our beloved blog this week. 

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